And that's another episode, this time way earlier! This episode didn't have as many good base lines, so expect a lot more "eh, guess that's okay" lines. Garrus was the big exception. Dwarves are always a lot of fun to work with.

This episode marks the first appearance of the annoying part of the skill hierarchy. Literal translations for the skills would be "Skill" -> "Unique Skill" -> "Extra Skill". However, "Extra" is not really the right word for it in English. We opted for "Special", because while boring, it gets across that it's "special" better than "Extra" does. We recognise it may not be fun when you hear "Extra skill" and read "Special skill", but our viewers are adults(?). They can handle "memori" -> "Skill bank", so surely they can handle "Extra" -> "Special" as well.

Also, much to my delight, this adaptation continues to prove itself to be pretty good. There is this scene in both the light novel and manga that I was not a particular fan of: the underwear scene. It just felt like standard isekai fanservice, but I'm glad to report the anime quickly skips past that and goes straight from the fanservice into the franservice. There's a lot of cute Fran shots throughout this episode, and in general they seem to round her out a lot more early on than they did in the LN.

Furthermore, this episode explains the Mana Conductivity (MC) system and how it works. For those wondering what "MC" meant in our TS last episode, here's your answer. I also forgot to mention it in the previous post, but while the JP literally puts "Mana Conductivity" (魔力伝導) in the menu, we shortened it to MC to balance out the typesetting and UI. Friendly reminder that Japanese "compresses" much better than English does.

Mana Conductivity is basically an additional amplifier that further buffs how much a weapon's ATK increases when you put MP into it. The boosts are as follows (taken from the TenKen fan discord. Lotta rad fellow fans in there):

(sorry if this looks broken)

F- 1%, 1min
F 5%, 2min
F+ 10%, 3min
E- 15%, 4min
E 20%, 5min
E+ 25%, 7min
D- 35%, 9min
D 45%, 11min
D+ 55%, 13min
C- 70%,15min
C 85%, 17min
C+ 100%, 19min
B- 120%, 21min
B 140%, 23min
B+ 160%, 25min
A- 180%, 27min
A 200%, 29min
A+ 220%, 31min
S- 250%, 33min
S 280%, 35min
S+ 310%, 37min
SS- 340%, 39min
SS 370% 41min
SS+ 400%, 43min

This means at Rank A, assuming you use 100 MP, the buff will be +200 ATK for 29 minutes. Pretty powerful stuff. Too bad the explanation isn't perfect in the anime, because much to our (read: my) chagrin, in the explanation they didn't actually subtract any MP! We changed this for our TS because... the example would just be wrong otherwise. I hope you can forgive this bit of creative licence, and I also hope that can be extended to the Gandalf the Short line. I'd rather wake up with both kidneys still there if possible.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say for this episode. As per usual, it's a fun one. We should be about 2-3 episodes away from the first hype point of the series, so I hope you guys will enjoy watching along!

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