Hey guys, the Winter 2021 announcements are here! This season we'll be working on Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?, an isekai about a girl who turns into a spider. We've read the novel and are huge fans, so we're looking forward to subbing this show (but not as much as do not look forward to TSing it)! Staff will be announced once we finalise episode 1. We have no other plans for new seasonals, but we do have two small surprises that should see release soon (one maybe even later today).

As an update for other projects:
Tabitabi will be finished posthaste, but I have no ETA for now. Naturally, we'll be doing the BDs as well as those come out.
Kud Wafter is close to being done, so you can expect to see that come out soon as well.
Uzaki's BDs have shown up, so we'll be working with those instead. As such, more delays are expected, but I will 100% try to get my share of the work done at least.
Yaiba's BD batch is close to finished as well. We have only 7 or so more episodes to finish up, after which I'll release it.
Joshiraku is slowly but surely getting tinkered away at in-between the staff's other projects, but I'm hopeful we'll finish that this season as well.
Babylonia and Prisma Phantasm are the only two shows (on the sidebar, anyway) that I am unsure of how fast we'll progress. Needless to say, we plan on finishing both no matter what.

And that was it for this post! We hope you guys look forward to Spooky Spider as much as we are!