After many unfortunate delays, we finally present the Totsukuni no Shoujo (2022) movie! Unlike the 2019 OVA, this movie is not a silent film and tries to tell its own story, vaguely following the manga's story beats.

It should come as no shock to anyone that we were working on this, seeing as we did the 2019 OVA, but I'm glad we finally got this out. Note that this release contains two audio tracks: a 2.0 track (default), and a 5.1 track. Make sure you use the one that best matches your audio setup.

The official subtitles were overall quite questionable. Lots of awkward phrasings, translations that are accurate when looking at the phrases in a vacuum, but don't catch the nuance they gain within context, you have it all. These were largely corrected and the script reads a lot more like natural English now. At least within the confines of the story's setting and atmosphere.

One important thing of note concerning the translation is how we decided to handle Sensei's name. Shiva calls him "Sensei" in response to him helping her with her sprained ankle. All the official and fan translations seem to have stuck with "Teacher" as the translation for this. We disagree with that choice. The way she uses the word here is how you would use it for a doctor. This also works better contextually, as he's helping her with her wounds. Doctors are also often stereotyped as being very knowledgeable in general, even outside of medicine. So, we decided to use "Doctor" instead. We get this might irk some people who have grown used to "Teacher", but we believe this to be a much more accurate translation, and that's what truly matters, ey?

With all that out of the way, we hope you enjoy the release! And needless to say, should we somehow get more Totsukuni no Shoujo anime in the future, we'll likely fansub those as well. We'll see.

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