And here is episode 2! We went over all the skills and menus again and reworked a lot of skill names and the like. This post also includes a v2 for episode 1.

This episode features my biggest fear when we picked up this show: the background characters. Most characters in this show are kinda boring. Most are just bandits or thugs with very generic lines that swear like a sailor to make up for their lack of vocabulary. Kinda like real-life thugs and teens. This is not really my strong suit though, so writing lines that sounded well was a pain. On the other hand, the secondary cast has a bit more flair. Donadrond talks rough, but with conviction. Klimt speaks like an elf. Nell was particularly fun. She doesn't take shit from anyone and gets really snarky and demeaning. It was a blast.

I'll put a changelog of change we made for skill names and other stuff this episode later.

Encodes have also seen an upgrade! With how much editing and typesetting was required, I kinda had to say "screw it" with the encode. Did a merge for episode 1 and some fixes to deal with the haloing, but no matter what I did it would give it this ugly sharpening effect, and I simply ran out of time to worry about it. Thus, a v2 encode as well! There should be less sharpening, better grain preservation, less weird fuckery with the textures, etc. The only drawback is the size increase due to the grain, but you can expect similar sizes for the BD too (if not bigger).

Aaaand that's all for now. See you for episode 3!

Links: Torrent (01v2) | Magnet (01v2) | Torrent (02) | Magnet (02)
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