Here you can find a list of all our staff, as well as their roles within the group.
Bolded staff are those that you should contact first for any general questions or business inquiries.

Active staff

LightArrowsEXE avatar LightArrowsEXE (Admin, Encoder, Editor, (Song) Styler, "Typesetter", """Timer""")

Ringo avatar Ringo (Admin, Translator, Witch)

Shinon avatar Shinon (Webdev, Timer)

kageru avatar kageru (Server admin)

petzku avatar petzku (Typesetter)

Inactive staff

  • bthen13 (Encoder, Typesetter)
  • Shuuka (Typesetter)
  • Lethal (Translator)
  • LĂșthien (Translator)
  • Obamachu (Encoder)
  • Ralon17 (Editor)
  • reed (Typesetter)