Delays courtesy of uni and life in general tripping us up. Hopefully we won't trail too far behind.

Also, time for another fun translation note! You may have noticed that for one of the teachers, we put the word "Germant" for the subject they're teaching. This wasn't a typo, but a very deliberate choice. Basically, the word used in Japanese means something akin to "national language". It's basically Japanese classes for Japanese, like how you might have English classes for English speakers. It covers basic linguistics, literature, you name it. However, it makes no in-universe sense for the characters to be speaking Japanese, and there's no real equivalent subject in English academia with a name other than... well, "English studies".

Crunchyroll, Cyan, and the manga's solution to this problem was to just go with "English", which is a fair compromise. It's the language the viewer is (presumably) speaking. However, that didn't sit right with me. I wanted it to also make sense in-universe, both for immersion's sake, and so if they ever showed a scene in that class for whatever reason, I'd have something I can fall back on that isn't "English".

The show takes place in an alternate history Germany, shortly after the war but before the collapse of the iron curtain. So they would be speaking German in-universe. But there's still distinctions. The capital in the country is called "Berlint", and so an obvious addition to "German" would be to just add the T. This way, we get "Germant". This was probably the least bad option we could've gone with.

This is one of those fun cases where you don't have a catch-all translation that fits every situation perfectly, and the right way to go about it is more contextual and dependent on how much it matters to the characters/plot. "Linguistics" and "literature" don't cover enough ground by themselves in this example, and the former sounds too advanced for the primary and middle school parts of Eden College (they teach up to university level), so that's out. I hope this gives you a decent enough insight into the many things we look at when translating this show, but should I come up with something better, I'll likely update it for the BDs. Leave your thoughts below.

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