And here is episode 2! Hoping we can catch up soon!

There is also something I'd like to note concerning the Ibarahime translation. As you may have noticed if you couldn't wait for us or read the manga, the official translations are going with "Thorn Princess". However, this loses out on the reference with the name. "Ibarahime" is the name given to the Sleeping Beauty in the Japanese dub of the movie of the same name, which "Thorn Princess" does not convey. However, another common name for the princess, Briar Rose (which is also where Yor's surname comes from), does.

So for that purpose, we decided to translate it as "Briar Rose". While we understand the connection can be made between her code name and her surname, we believe it's still subtle enough that the connection either may not be made, or can be explained away easily should it come up in future episodes. And if it doesn't, welp, you can blame cakey and we'll revert it for batch. But we'll see!

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