This is our surprise pick up for this season! I had been trying to get a team assembled for a while, but wasn't able to get anything sorted until a couple days ago, but I'm glad it worked out in the end! With there being so little to typeset, we're hoping to not fall back too much. Episode 2 should hopefully be done before episode 3 airs, and we'll be on that asap once it airs.

And since I know some people will ask or even hound the involved parties about it: Yes, we are aware Cyan is doing a release. We're both competing for the fun of it, and were aware of each other's projects before release. Don't be too harsh on them, please!

This project is a joint between GJM and Kaleido.
Below is a list of the current staff! For the fancy picture, please check out the GJM blogpost.

Role Staff
Translation (Dialogue) Crunchyroll (1-2), staycakey (3-)
Translation (Songs) Cruci
Translation Check staycakey (1-2), ozeusamaperorist (3-)
Editing LightArrowsEXE
Encoding Vodes
Typesetting Zahuczky, Petzku
Timing Scrad
Song Styling LightArrowsEXE
Quality Control Nazaki, Areki

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