It's finally here! Thank you all for waiting so patiently. The base subs were Truck'd (which coincidentally was also me), which in turn were heavily edited official subs. I'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped me out with realising and fully fleshing out this project, as it's been one of my favourite shows to work in a long time, and I'm extremely happy with how it turned out.

So in turn, a special thanks to the following people:

  • Scrad [TS, TM] for helping me out with the timing and TS back when it aired, and for helping me fix up some of it that broke when swapping to BDs. Safe to say that if I didn't have a timer back then, I wouldn't have continued the project (since I hate timing), so without you it literally wouldn't have been done.
  • Basheer_naimi [QC] for being a dependendable QC and morale support. He helped keep us all on track and working back when the show was airing, and is the reason it didn't get stalled into oblivion at one point. Thanks!
  • Soul [TL] for helping us with the songs during the initial airing and answering any questions related to the TL that I was unsure about.
  • Areki [TL] and Bee [ED] for helping us out with the regular OP and ED songs for the final batch. They read much beter than anything I could've ever written, and I'm very glad I asked for your help. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Season 2 songs will turn out!
  • Aria [TL] for coming in clutch. When the project needed a TLC, he appeared before me and helped me clean up the few remaining mistranslatons or translations that needed much further refining, and I'm always thankful for it. Thanks lad!
  • Vardë [ENC] for taking over the encoding for me for the BDs. I've been kinda burned out of encoding for a while now, so I'm glad that someone I also consider much better than me was more than willing to help out. Also thank you for letting me run the seasonal encodes on your server, it really saved me!
  • The0x539 [TS] for helping out with the episode title in the OP. We were originally going to keep it very simple, but your ktemplating ability made the sign really pop out. Also sorry for bugging you about everything :madotehe:.
  • Period [QC] for being up for QCing it. Being able to fix timing errors and helping me further meme up the script where appropriate is always something I appreciate, and it was a lot of fun coming up with stuff lol.
  • arcticpasserine for answering any questions I had related to character dynamics, interactions, terminology, etc. Having someone around who has actually translated large parts of the game really helped me be more sure of some of my edits and how to handle certain character voices.
  • And finally you, the viewer, for watching our release (and hopefully enjoying it)!

Now, I know this is a bit more sappy than I typically do for posts, but I hope that kinda shows how much I enjoyed working on this show and in this team. Here's to a good Season 2 run!

15/01/22 EDIT: Of course I had to jinx it right when I got all sappy and stuff xd v2 has been released, and has been linked below.

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