Questions are slowly being added as we notice them being asked more and more. Have any suggestions? Contact LightArrowsEXE on Discord!

Q: Do you guys take requests?
A: Presently, we do not accept requests. Our staff will simply pick up shows they would like to do. You're free to try asking around in the Discord server, but know that the chance is slim that your request will be answered.

Q: When is X series going to be finished?
A: Whenever we're done with it. If the title in question is visible on the right side here, there's a good chance that we haven't dropped it yet. We'll announce if a title is dropped in the final release post if applicable.

Q: I have found an error in your release; who do I report it to?
A: The best place would typically be the Kaleido-subs GitHub repository of the project (after making sure we didn't already fix it!). If that hasn't been made public yet, please stop by our Discord server and let us know what the issue is in the #public_qc channel.

Q: Can I use your subtitles/encodes for my release?
A: Knock yourself out! Our only requirement is some form of credit and a concise description of what was altered from our script. Our repositories for finished projects are public, so you can use those to help you set up your release, including stuff like re-generating kfx and whatnot.

Q: Do you guys recruit?
A: We sure do! If you have experience doing fansub work, don't hesitate to contact us! Please do make sure you follow the following criteria:

  • You have basic fansubbing experience. This means you've worked either in a group or on your own before, and know the process of fansubbing in a group well enough to not be a hindrance.
  • You have a rudimentary understanding of Aegisub, technical video/audio/container/subtitles knowledge, and how to connect to and download files from an FTP. Basic proficiency in using GitHub also goes a long way (pushing, pulling, writing commit messages).
  • An arguably unhealthy amount of love and affection towards Illya.

If all of the above apply to you, please don't hesitate to contact LightArrowsEXE on Discord with the role you'd like to fulfill, examples of prior work and/or self-study experience, and a cute high-resolution and clean picture of Illya. If we deem it worthwhile, we'll throw a test your way!

Q: The subtitles and/or video keeps breaking! How do I fix it?
A: First of, make sure you are using the latest Shinchiro mpv build, as that is the only version we officially support. If you have that and still run into issues, try this earlier build. If that still doesn't work, please contact us in our Discord server and we'll see if we can work something out.

Q: Do you guys accept donations/work stations?
A: The simple answer is "no". This is a non-profit fansub group, and we would much rather you spend the money you would've donated to us on official anime BDs/DVDs, merch, or anything else to support the original creators. Work stations for encodes and the like are appreciated, but we have our own setups already, and we can handle it ourselves if we're looking to expand.

Q: We would like to partner up with you! Is that possible?
A: Depends! Most fansub staff already know other people in the sphere, so if you're in one of the more well-known groups, just reach out to us and we'll see if we can work something out! If this involves Discord servers or websites, then unfortunately, we do not really do those kind of partnerships. You're free to link our Discord in yours if you want to support us, however!