Hey guys, how ya doing? I'd like to formally announce that I, Light, will be largely retiring from fansubbing for the time being. It's been a wonderful and fun ride, but I simply don't have as much free time as I need to continue fansubbing as much as I'd like. I'll still be around and may help with some other fansubs here and there, but expect me to otherwise not actively fansub anymore (with a couple potential exceptions). The following projects are not dropped, and I will try to finish them, but I can't guarantee anything:

  • Princess Connect BDs
  • Fate/Grand Carnival BDs
  • Spy x Family (1st cour) BDs w/ GJM
  • Tensei Shitara ken Deshita (+ BDs, S2 unsure)
  • Joshiraku BDs with an improved encode and other fixes
  • Fate/strange fake (coming this Summer, should I be able to gather a team for it and have enough free time)
  • A couple other as-of-yet-not-formally-announced projects

All projects not listed here can be assumed to be hard dropped. For projects I've been doing under other groups, my work is either already done or I'll be getting replaced, so please don't ask me for progress reports on those.

Fansubbing for the past almost 4 years has been a joy, and I'm happy so many of you joined me on my journey! What I'm looking at in the future is finishing up my study, and then maybe looking into doing professional localisation work if the stars align. We'll see!

Now, on to the rest of the post. Given I'm retiring and I don't see this project finishing up anytime soon, I am releasing the raws. These encodes are over a year old now, and I've learned a whole lot since, so it wouldn't at all surprise me if they weren't as stellar as I'd hope for nowadays. Regardless, I hope they prove useful to anyone wanting to do a Yuru Camp 2 release.

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