This is an index of all the seasonals we are working on, as well as general info.
Once we finish a series, you can find it on the TV Completed page, and once we've done blu-rays, on the BD Completed page.

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

(So I'm a Spider, So What?)
Status: Ongoing
( Nyaa | AniDB )


Translation: Ringo (1-3), Simulcast (Dialogue) (4-) / Aria (Songs)
Translation Checking: Aria (1-3), Ringo (4-)
Editing: Nazaki (Dialogue), Bee (Songs)
Encoding: LightArrowsEXE
Timing: Hybrid (Dialogue), LightArrowsEXE (Songs)
Song Styling: LightArrowsEXE
Typesetting: petzku, tehshower, Sarrink (3+), Angrevol (4+)
Quality Control: Bee, LightArrowsEXE

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

(The Rising of the Shield Hero)
Status: On-Hold
( Nyaa | AniDB )


Translation: kadokawa / Areki (OP) / LĂșthien (ED)
Translation Check: Lethal
Editing: Ralon17
Encoding: LightArrowsEXE
Timing: Shinon, Haru
Song Styling: Haru
Typesetting: bthen13 / Haru (1)
Quality Control: flameboi, [eraser]

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

(Uzaki Wants to Hang Out!)
Status: Ongoing
( Nyaa | AniDB )


Translation: Funimation / Soul (OP, ED)
Translation Check: Aria
Editing: LightArrowsEXE / Flower (OP, ED)
Encoding: joletb (1) / Zastin (2-3) / LightArrowsEXE (BD 1-12)
Timing: Pikminiman
Song Styling: joletb
Typesetting: petzku
Quality Control: rcombs

Yuru Camp Season 2

(Laid-Back Camp Season 2)
Status: Ongoing
( Nyaa | AniDB )


Translation: CarVac
Translation Check: Yon
Editing: arcologue
Encoding: LightArrowsEXE
Timing: Sung Jin-Woo
Song Styling: LightArrowsEXE
Typesetting: The0x539, kouhai
Quality Control: rcombs, LightArrowsEXE